DocOz is a genius! I am down 12 pounds!


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So i finally got the iphone! Ahhh! :)

So i finally got the iphone! Ahhh! :)

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one of the best simpsons scenes ever!

one of the best simpsons scenes ever!

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Oh shii. I forgot to do these, so lets catch up. Haha.

Day 04 – Your Favorite Tomorrowland Attraction

Space Mountain! DUH!

Day 05 – Your Favorite New Orleans Square Attraction      

Haunted Mansion. Mainly because I went on a walk-through of the ride when I was in the college program and learned about so much interesting stuff about the ride including Timmy and the gunshot in the ballroom. :)    

Day 06 – Your Favorite Adventureland Attraction

Indy. Nuff said. Though the snake always scares the shit out of me.

Day 07 – Your Favorite Critter Country Attraction

Splash Mountain. Duh!

Day 08 – Your Favorite Mickey’s Toontown Attraction

Roger Rabbit? Ehh I could care less since I rarely go into this area of the park.

Day 09 – Your Favorite Frontierland Attraction

Big Thunder! Nuff said.

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One More Disney Day…

…was amazing! I loved being a part of it so much! Great friends made it so MUCH better! So, we planned to go at 5 am originally so we could get the free mickey ear hats they had. BUT that was a big no-no since people started lining up at 8pm the night before. I’m like damn they cray cray. Seriously? for like 20 dollar ear hats? No thanks. Anyways, we later decided to go at around 9ish. Got there and was greeted with this button and a welcome sign to the event.

We went on Space Mountain first. Not really exciting since the ride broke down while we were waiting. Bleh. Met up with Sam (College Program buddy) and then we just messed around doing stuff. OMG. and they had these special food items like Chili Cheese Dog at Stage Door which was pretty good and Hot Dogs with Macaroni and Cheese and Bacon Bits over it at Coke Corner. Both were really delicious. I forgot to take a picture of it however which made me sad….all three times I realized I forgot to take pictures of it. Ugh….So what could make this day any better? Oh yeah, it was the fact that the cast of modern family was filming an episode at the park on that day as well. Why? I’m guessing they probably planned to film there before Disney ever decided to do this event which was very hastily planned since my own management team was informed of the event at the beginning of January….

Anyways, we then took this picture to remember the event and then left since we were all tired. Plus, Mevin had class later that night. 

So, let’s go forward to 10pm. I check on Twitter and Facebook for updates on the park and surprise surprise the park is at full capacity. Sam was so right when he said it would be NYE all over again… Cynthia comes along and we drive to Anaheim. Jaeez louise was that a pain. We got off at Katella and were hit with traffic under the bridge. It took us like a good ten minutes just to get back on the 5 so we could take an alternate way. Got off Chapman, turn at Haster, then Orangewood and Harbor and finally into Toy Story Lot. Took us a breeze finding a spot and went to main entrance where we were met with this…..

Lines like the wazoo. It hit to the DCA turnstiles…

It took over an hour to get into the park…We met up with Sam again and Jose and his UCLA peeps met up with us. Once inside, it was relatively nice. We just chilled and watched all the cray cray that was going on. I mean it was seriously insane. You could smell the weed in the air and see all the intoxicated kids all around the park. 

By 4 am, we were pooped but still went on Space Mountain! Fun! Fun! Fun! Cynthia was so lame…so as you know as you ride you hear the countdown. Well, miss funny decided to say “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5,4,3,2,1….walk sign is on” OMG! that shii wa shilarious I was like OMG and couldn’t stop laughing. She also kept making oinking noises or coyote noises. I was like what the fugh……She must have been tired or some shitt. So yeah she decided to make us have monotone expressions for the pictures…

As you can see, my face is like wtf? I seriously wanted to laugh in the picture. Thats why my face looks like I wanna throw up. Haha. Look at Marvin HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA. So funny when that lady said, “OMG they look so sad…” Hhah Crack me up. Well, we end the day with that and the sun rising. I was so pooped and tired by then. 

I’ve got to say, overall, the day was a success. Fun and very exciting. Being in those lines was long but rewarding and it is definitely a once in a lifetime thing. I know in four years I will not be doing this again. Hellz to the no thank you ma’am

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My side of the room :D

My side of the room :D

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So I have to study for my stats test on Tuesday. I set myself to start at 10pm. It’s now 12:40 and I have yet to study for it. Ugh. Shit’s boring. Especially after working today. Worked over at Rancho and it was whatever. Everyone was surprised I was there. haha. I hate working there. Too much to remember and it’s not as laid back as it is over at RBT or Stage Door. Anyways, got to talk to more coworkers today. They opened up more this time which was nice since everyone was kind of mean to me when I first came in. Oh yeah! I’m gonna cross-train into Banquets/Special Events. Hoo hoo! I start on the 23rd, gonna be so fun hopefully. Getting tips is not a bad thing either. hehe.

My coworker Gloria helped me sign up for it a couple of months ago and I am so thankful for her help. She’s a hoot and is such a caring person. I remember so many stories she would tell me she did when she was younger. For example, she used to drive the streets of LA and look for prostitutes and help them steer away from that dangerous path. She would tell me how pimps would be on the lookout for her and her husband since they would always try to help these unfortunate girls. She’s such an awesome lady, I have nothing but love for her. :)

Last night, I had to close at RBT. At RBT, we close with 2 hosts and one cashier helping as the other cashier counts out. Well, the other hostess is fairly new so she doesn’t know much.  She only knew how to clean drinks…which was awesome… The cashier who helped clean rarely worked at RBT and rarely closed. So she had little to no clue on how to close the location. It was kind of annoying knowing this when I got to work. So when we closed, I basically cleaned the wells, condiment cart, and finished making sure most of the area was clean. I even told them what to do and showed them how to clean certain areas as well. It was alot of work but I just went along with it…

What was unexpected was that Gloria told my lead, Mary, how I worked so hard today and how I should become lead. I was flattered but continued doing my work. I overheard Mary telling Gloria that she had a good eye on people because when I first hired on, Gloria was one of the few people I really started talking to and she kept telling me to apply for lead last summer. So we finished and I went to go say bye to Mary and, with a slight glimpse, I saw that Mary wrote in her notes that I “did an amazing job as usual” on her notes for the managers. That was a nice way to end the night. 

I really like working at Disney. The place is just amazing to work at. I mean my coworkers are really nice and management is pretty good. I’m definitely not complaining. I mean comparing this place to Macy’s, Disney hits it out of the ballpark. I love how I am not pressured by management to sell more food or upsell a certain item. All we had to do was please the guests and create magic every day. I remember at Macy’s when we had sales goals and managers constantly nagging us about opening credits. I mean I was only a seasonal at Macy’s and they pressured so much. So effing annoying. Next would obviously be the perks. Free entry into the parks including Florida, Paris, and Hong Kong. I love it. 20% off on merch and food inside the parks and at the Disney store is awesome and of course bringing in family and friends is amazing…as long as they don’t ask me to bring them in just because I can. I rarely will even consider it. I usually ask people if they wanna come in and not the other way around. I think if I’m the one that’s busting my ass at Disney, then I should be the one who decides who can get free tickets into the park. I cannot tell you how many times on Facebook I have been asked if I can get them into Disneyland. I remember this one time, a person messaged me who I have never spoken to and said this:

"do you get free disneyland tickets? i want to go to disneyland. I need two plez and thank you"

I mean like come on wtf!!!! I hate people like these. So lame.

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Baby steps…

So, I turned in my resume to my manager to become a trainer in my area. It was definitely a nervracking experience. I really think I can do this. I know I can. Today, we had a class where we learned about the four keys: safety, courtesy, show, and efficiency. It made me think about how I would relay these four keys into training. Because we know this all helps create a wonderful experience for the guests. I remember at one point during the presentation, the guy said that Disney leaders inspire their cast members. That’s what I want to do. I want to inspire all the new trainees into making magical memories for the guest. As Walt said, “the curtain goes up on a new show everyday at Disneyland”.

This is the cover letter I gave to my manager. For reference later so I can see how dumb I was. Haha.

"I am writing to you today because I am interested in the trainer position for the Riverbelle Terrace/Stage Door Café area of Riverfront foods. Due to the recommendation by fellow cast member and lead, ————-, I thought it was best to apply now for the position since I have the required knowledge and skills needed to be an excellent trainer. My resume is enclosed for your review. 

I have many qualifications that I think best suites this position. I know what the position of being a food service worker entails at the two locations and I always strive to help fellow cast members who were just hired 0n and are adjusting to their new surroundings. I can handle well being under pressure and am always given high remarks by my fellow cast members and leads who know my high work ethic and determination to create a magical experience for the guests. I also know how to teach well and become a leader through my experiences of teaching as a math tutor at my former elementary school for four years and becoming president of my high school’s science club for two consecutive years. This gave me the experience in helping and fostering cooperation among my fellow peers and teaching them the lessons I have learned in my roles. I know, with the knowledge I have gained, I will be able teach new cast members well on all the workings of these two locations. That is why I feel that I am qualified to become a trainer.

 I am available for you to contact me at any time during the week through phone or e-mail. I really appreciate your taking the time to review my experience and credentials. Know that if you let me become trainer, I will not let you down and do my best to teach new cast members the lessons I have been taught by you and many others from within the area. Again, thank you for your consideration.”

Ahh, Just looking at this makes me excited at the prospect that I will hopefully become trainer very very soon. :D

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TODAY IS SO AWESOME! Went to Disneyland, got to see the cast from Modern Family tape an episode to be played later this season, and hung out with some pretty awesome friends! And it’s not even over yet! going back at around 10 with Cyn and the guys for even more fun until the morning! 

TODAY IS SO AWESOME! Went to Disneyland, got to see the cast from Modern Family tape an episode to be played later this season, and hung out with some pretty awesome friends! And it’s not even over yet! going back at around 10 with Cyn and the guys for even more fun until the morning! 

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